Club Information


One of the most professionally run Taekwondo organization in the world. SidekickS Martial Arts Academy  was founded  by Grand Master Maurice Orange, 8th degree black who is in residence at the international Headquarters in San Diego, California. All instructors and black belts within the Association are trained under his direct supervision.

Taekwondo can be learned by everyone young or old, male or female. Besides from being one of the most effective methods of self defense, it will give you self confidence, physical and mental co-ordination and relaxation.  It is an extremely good exercise for the whole body and will keep you trim and fit. Taekwondo can offer a variety of benefits to children who may begin as young as age five (5). Besides gaining a sense of individual accomplishment often lacking in team sports, most children as well as adults will improve their poise, self-confidence, and self-discipline that often carries over to both their home life and school work.  New beginners, children, as well as adults, may begin at any time.  Each new student starts out slowly and progresses at his own rate and speed.

The Sidekicks Taekwondo Style

This Taekwondo style emphasizes the development and use of both kicking and hand techniques to its best advantage - which provides greater striking strength in all areas of its techniques. The school has a collective wisdom and experience of over 60 years. STA Taekwondo style consists of seven sections of physical training which improve students both physically and mentally.

BASICS - element of hand and arm motion.
KICKS - element of foot and leg motion.
FITNESS - evidence of physical fitness
FORMS - individual action.
ONE STEP - practical use of combat techniques.
SPARRING - relative free combat action.
BREAKING - evidence of power.

These skills are the basis of the organization's requirements for grading and rank promotion.
The school places most of its emphasis on:

  • Discipline - training that is expected to produce a controlled behaviour that produces moral and mental improvement in our students.
  • Honour - Personal integrity maintained without legal or other obligation.
  • Integrity - Rigid adherence to a code of standard values.
  • Self-control - Control of one's emotions, desires, or actions by one's own will.
  • Self-Esteem - Pride in oneself.
  • Respect - (a) To feel or show a different regard for; to esteem or show esteem. (b) Willingness to show one's consideration or appreciation.
  • Pride - Pleasure or satisfaction taken in one's work or achievements.
  • Loyalty - Faithfulness to a person, ideal, or custom.


Sidekicks belt system uses the colours white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. A table with explanation of the rank system can be seen here.

belt colours



The quality of instruction could be surmised in a single word, Professionalism. All instructors are black belts trained under direct supervision of Sabumnim Delroy McDowell, 4th Degree Black Belt and senior instructor of the SideKicks Taekwondo Association, formerly Songahm. This certification, representing over 2000 hours of training and study, ensures that only professional and qualified instructors teach at our schools.

The SideKicks Martial Arts Academy was founded and is headed by Grand Master Maurice Orange, 8th Degree Black Belt, who is in residence at our International Headquarters in San Diego, California.

Mr. Orange personally supervises all international certification for instructors testing for black belts and instructor training classes/camps, to ensure a measure of "Quality Control" in all member Taekwondo schools. Master Orange brings over thirty (30) years of martial arts experience to our students.


Taekwondo allows a woman to emphasize many of her natural physical strengths, such as the power in her legs, while learning a method of self-defense efficient against a much larger opponent.

Besides gaining a sense of individual accomplishment often lacking in team sports, most children will improve their poise, self-confidence, and self-discipline that often carries over to their home life and school work.

Our Student Oath

I am a student of TAEKWONDO, I strive to live honourably through peaceful means
I have the courage to face all challenges, and the strength to conquer
I respect my juniors and seniors, and live in harmony with my family, friends and neighbours
I am dedicated to my physical, mental and spiritual growth
I am a student of TAEKWONDO.


Tournaments offer Taekwondo students a chance to perform in a new environment, to meet and make friends with students from other martial art schools, to see advanced black belt competition, and even to win trophies. Students of all ages and ranks participate and is divided by rank, gender and height to ensure that all participants have a fair chance to compete with people with similar experiences and skills.

Divisions are suppose to be small and the competition should also be friendly, and the tournament hosts and judges strive to ensure that all participants enjoy themselves and are judge fairly. Judges are also supposed to be specially-trained to conduct their divisions efficiently and to enforce all tournament rules so that the competition is fair and no one is injured.

What does Tournament involve?

Tournament involve two main categories: Forms and Sparring (free fight or one step). However, Some of the tounaments include board breaking and weapon. See Tournament rules here.