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Taekwondo is considered to be one of the oldest of all Martial Arts concepts. Recorded evidence of Korean Martial Arts dates back thousands of years. Ancient wall murals in Korea depict men in typical martial art stances. Royal tomb drawings from the Korguyo historical era (beginning in 37BC) are numerous enough to indicate that Taekwondo was a popular activity among Korean people. Temple drawings from the Silla historical era (beginning in 57BC) depict men with highly developed musculature performing martial arts techniques. In 1706 Yongjo, the 21st King of the Yi Dynasty, ordered the publication of an illustrated book on hand-to-hand combat. The book contained a substantial section on Taekwondo techniques.

At the close of World War 2, then the Korean war, the Korean people began the task of mending 50 years of damage to their economic, national and cultural heritage. Traditional martial arts again began to be practiced, but because of the strong Japanese presence for nearly half a century, the techniques were altered by "Karate" influence and there still was no universally recognized, specific name for the Korean style.

In 1955, a committee was asked to select one name to call the Korean martial art of hand and foot techniques. The term "Taekwondo" which means the "way'' or method of hand and foot techniques toward physical development, was officially accepted. Over the next decade, a series of new forms were created using techniques which were then in current use. Their creation was an important step in re-establishing the spirit of the ancient Korean martial art as a way of defense and personal improvement.

Master Maurice Orange played a significant role in the creation of a new series of Forms which form an integral part in the expansion and extension of this re-establishment..., that spirit which makes (SIDEKICKS) our art, truly Korean, and uniquely Western born out of his great experience and remarkable creativity.
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Evidence has shown that Taekwondo has been practice in Jamaica as far back as in 1969. Sidekicks Taekwondo club came out of the National Taekwondo Institute, a school started by Sabumnim Garth "Noel" King, a fourth degree ITF black belt instructor who was taught by Professor and master Dan Ja Yang at Howard University in the USA. Sabumnim King began teaching the WTF system in the mid '80s to the club after his instructor has made the transition from ITF. Sabumnim King however in 1986 resigned from teaching Taekwondo full time to take directorial responsibility in Computer Business System, a business which he had started that needed his efforts full time.

All the schools were eventually closed except the Kingston YMCA branch (there is however another ITF based school - the Jamaica Taekwondo Association being run). This branch was taught by 1st degree black belt Delroy McDowell, a student with great enthuasism and a love for the martial arts. The school was kept alive out of this love for Taekwondo and traditions taught to him by sabumnim King, coupled with a deep committment of working with the YMCA volunteer activities programme. The school has gone through many adversities since, Mr McDowell ran the school on his own without continued guidance from a senior instructor or master until time, love and persiverance brought him to Maurice Orange in the summer of 1988. Maurice Orange, then a 4th degree senior ATA/STF black belt and regional vice president.

photo with Taekwondo instructors in JamaicaMr McDowell was impressed with the Songahm tradition introduced and taught to him. He travelled to San Diego for the first time to be exposed to Taekwondo as practised by the American Taekwondo Association and primarily to retest for his first degree black belt under ATA's Songahm system of Taekwondo. This was the begining of a new tradition born out of sabum Orange love in the extending of Taekwondo fellowship to Jamaica. Mr McDowell later met Grand Master H.U. Lee at his 2nd degree testing in las vagas, Navada in 1992.

Maurice Orange, now a master in Taekwondo resigned from the American Taekwondo Association. With his resignation, this gave the birth of what came to be known as Sidekicks Taekwondo. Mr McDowell and the students who continue to practice with this club, remain loyal to master Orange. Master Orange continues to direct and support Sidekicks Taekwondo Association, out of his office at the Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, San Diego, California.