Grand Master Orange


Brief History: (by Mr. McDowell, Sidekicks Taekwondo, Jamaica)

Grand Master Maurice Orange was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the 18th April 1955. He had his first Martial Arts experience at the age of 12 years. Unfortunately, his experience was one of disgust because the instructor beat him up. Subsequently, he told his mother that he would never do the Martial Arts ever. He was most upset with the manner in which the instructor treated him, but he was quite impressed by the fact of how skilled he was. He moved to California in 1973, and joined the United States Navy and became trained in the study of speech and hearing. He was stationed at a Naval Hospital in San Diego until December, 1976 after which he was transferred to Guam, in the Marianas for the remainder of his active tour of duty. He started the Martial Arts seriously under an instructor named John Rossette. Mr Rossette was a teacher of the style Wing Chung Kung - Fu.

He trained with Mr Rossette for two years. One day he took up a Black Belt magazine. On the cover he saw someone doing a very spectacular kick. He took the magazine to Mr Rossette to have him teach kicks to him of that nature. Mr Rossette told him that these kick techniques are unique to Taekwondo and he should seek a Taekwondo instructor. On Mr Rossette's recommendation he started under his first Taekwondo instructor, Mr Chuck Hawkins. Mr Hawkins was a student of Pat Burlesson and Alen Steen . Their instructor was Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.

Thirteen months after starting Taekwondo he attained the rank of first Degree Black Belt. He taught Taekwondo while in Guam to civilian and military personnel abroad. He was discharged from the military in 1979 after which he tested for the rank of 2nd Degree and began entering tournaments. He broke into the U.S.A. Top Ten as a result of tournament participation and later moved up into the top 3, this was about the time he was due for 3rd Degree testing. He tested and won 1st place both in Pattern and Free Fighting in the U.S Grand National that year. He was notified later that he had gotten a no change in his testing. This was one of the most disappointing moments in his Taekwondo career. He could not understand how he could have performed so well physically and receive no change on the test. Later he discovered it was his attitude, being too cocky. His superiors thought that his attitude needed to be adjusted before he could be promoted . He got his 3rd Degree on a second testing.

Grand Master Orange's first school was opened in National City, California. This has been a love affair since, He currently has over 300 active students He opened two other schools, one in Spring Valley, the other in Chula Vista, both in California. Later he sold both locations to two A.T.A. Junior instructors who wished to follow in his path. He now concentrates all his efforts on the school in National City, and his branch here in Kingston Jamaica. He has 150 Black Belts presently under his portfolio that are active in training. Sabum Orange offers his life according to his Taekwondo philosophy. He visited Korea on many occasions. He went to the A.T.A./S.T.F Leadership Training Camp held in Korea at the Hae-in-sa Temple. 196 Certified Black Belt instructors attended the camp headed by Master H.U. Lee President and founder of American Taekwondo Association /Songahm Taekwondo Federation. This was the largest contingency of Black Belts ever to visit Korea from the U.S.A.

In 1990 Mr. Orange resigned from the American Taekwondo Association. He now spends time maintaining contracts teaching combat applications to the United States Navy Seals and Law Enforcement Officers in the state of California. He founded the SideKickS Martial Arts Academy and continue to teach regular Taekwondo classes. He visits Jamaica at least once per year to give Mr. Delroy McDowell (senior instructor of the local Sidekicks Taekwondo Association) support with the association to see that good techniques and organizational procedures are maintained Grand Master Orange currently holds the rank of 8th degree black belt, and he lives in San Diego California.