Sidekicks Forms

The White Belt Form

This form is taught at the white belt level and includes both hand and foot techniques at the early stages of white belt training. The form has a total of twenty movements and is done on a straight line. The line represents the number one, the first known digit in the numerical sequence, and it starts facing east (all form symbolically start facing east) and then move to west.

This represents a marriage of east to west, students of Taekwondo moving from center (which represent the Sidekicks organization and traveling to east-the origin of Taekwondo, and moving to west and back to center. This represents the coming together of two cultures and merging the best of both worlds to make the system unique. 



Student Manual

This is the cover of the Sidekicks Taekwondo Association's manual. The Electronic Manuals are available with all the form required to take students to the first degree black belt level. It covers primary topic for Taekwondo training, but not enough for students to use as a tool for not taking classes taught by professionally certified Taekwondo instructorsAll instructors are certified by Master Maurice Orange out of the international headquarters in San Diego, California. For any of these available manuals and videos, contact us though our contact page for list of training media available for order.